Opening Of Rosemount Community Woodland 1 July 2016. The Rosemount Project began in the early 1990’s with a vision that an area of Sow Clough at Rosemount could be developed into a community resource.  For years the project suffered from lack of funding but,…

Family Orienteering Events

Stacksteads Community Park Group have linked up with the British Orienteering Association to put on a series of fun-based family activities called Xplore. This will involve -Exploring the park, finding the markers, completing a challenge and having fun together. On each day there will…

Cleanup Dates

SCPG will be doing cleanups on 17 May, 23 July, 28 August, 10 September and 12 November. Details to Follow.

Our Local Walks

New Defib At The Rose ‘N’ Bowl

A new Defib was put upon the wall at the Rose ‘N’ Bowl. It was put there to save lives. Sadly this box was vandalised, the damage was found only 3 days after the Defib was installed . The lock held but the door…

Clean-up at Toll Bar Saturday 23 Jan 2015

Thanks and well done to our team who met at Toll Bar on Saturday Morning to clean up by the garages on Booth Rd and the path down to Newchurch Rd. As you can see, they collected a huge amount of litter and rubbish!

Sculptures Views and Places

Riverside Park

One of our main responsibilities is Stacksteads Riverside Park – land on either side of the River Irwell from Stacksteads Rec to Blackwood Rd. The project was started by the Stacksteads Riverside Park Group and we were able to secure funding of over £90,000 to…

Hog Roast 2013

Remembrance Service Peace Garden